Hi and welcome!

Welcome to NZ Footpath Explorer site!  This is a blog of my records waling through the pedestrian-only roads in New Zealand.  As I live in the coolest little capital (Wellington that is), most of the records are taken in Wellington CBD and the suburb area.  I hope I can expand my visits in the wider area in near future…

What’s so special about the footpaths?  Well, most of the roads here haven’t been built in grid.  I guess Kiwis have demanded for shortcuts to save time and energy to get to the nearest bus stop, hmm, maybe.  

The paths look quite special and secret to me.  And it’s so fun to walk through!   I work in the CBD and often find myself looking for footpaths when I do my lunchtime walking.   It’s quite addictive!

How to find them?  These pictures are the typical signs of a footpaths:

It’s not too tough to find them, ey?

Anyway, happy exploring!